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Shipping & Terms Of Sale


Orders will be confirmed within 1 business day of being received (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm EST). A confirmation email will be sent to you once your order has been processed. Upon confirmation of payment, orders will be shipped.

Orders are generally sent Monday through Wednesday to ensure orders arrive the same week.

Orders are shipped using Australia Post. We will send you all tracking numbers via email.

On rare occasions we may face an unexpected delay in shipping your order. We will notify you by email if we determine your order will not ship by the timeframe specified.

Items may be shipped in separate boxes due to size and weight concerns.

All invoices and certificates of analysis are sent with the product.

Terms of Sale and Delivery

Unless otherwise agreed, the following terms and conditions for sale and delivery shall apply to all services and delivery of goods from Australian Dairy Ingredients Pty Ltd (hereinafter “ADI”). All conditions made by the buyer (hereinafter “Buyer”) which are in conflict with these terms of sale and delivery do not apply, even if ADI fails to object against said conditions.

  1. Orders. No final agreement of sale and delivery between ADI and Buyer exists until ADI has confirmed in writing Buyer’s written or oral purchase orders (orders via phone, online ordering, email and fax are accepted). If any discrepancies occur in the order confirmation, Buyer shall notify ADI immediately. Otherwise, the order confirmation is legally binding on Buyer.
  2. Delivery/Passing of risk. Delivery and the passing of risk in the goods shall take place once the order has been despatched. ADI shall incur no liability for any damages as a consequence of delays in delivery or damages incurred during transport.
  3. Prices. All prices quoted Ex Works exclusive of duties, GST and other taxes. All orders will incur freight charges
  4. Payment. Unless otherwise arranged, terms of payment shall be net payment on confirmation before despatch. Invoiced account terms of payment shall be net payment on delivery with a 7 day payment period. Buyer shall not be entitled to withhold any payment in relation to an amount claimed against ADI. ADI is entitled to withhold any future deliveries until all debts due to ADI have been settled. Property and title of the goods do not pass to Buyer until all moneys owed to ADI have been paid in full.
  5. Complaints. Immediately on delivery, Buyer shall examine whether the goods are in agreement with the agreed specifications. Any complaints shall be made immediately or as soon as Buyer should have realised the defect.
  6. Liability. ADI shall only be liable for defects in delivered goods until the expiry of the good’s shelf life and maximum for a period of 1 year after the delivery of the goods to the Buyer. If there is a breach of a condition, warranty or obligation in relation to the delivered goods implied by law, or if delivered goods are defective, Buyer is only entitled to demand goods in replacement. ADI guarantees all products only when used in accordance with specified directions for use. ADI shall not be liable for the consequences of incorrect storage or treatment or treatment that is not as prescribed, use for experiments or use in any other abnormal connection.
  7. Privacy. Buyer shall keep strictly secret and not disclose to any third party confidential information received during the purchase or consultation from ADI nor make use of this information to Buyers own advantage.
  8. Disputes. Any disputes between ADI and Buyer shall be settled according to Australian law.