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yoghurt4-low.jpgYoFlex® is Chr. Hansen’s renowned range of DVS cultures designed for yoghurt and similar types of fermented milk products. It delivers a very comprehensive range of DVS culture performance with high impact on yoghurt processing and end product quality. It spans the entire organoleptic quality range from traditional strong flavored yoghurts to very mild highly viscous yoghurt required for the production of e.g. low fat yoghurt and creamy yoghurt based desserts.

Chr. Hansen is constantly working on providing the global market with new cultures that meet the requirements for high quality, cost effectiveness, consistency, safety and flexibility in modern yoghurt production.

*You will notice all prices display as $0.00. As part of our agreement with Chr. Hansen we cannot display prices thus after you order you will recieve a full order confirmation containing all prices and freight charges via email. For any pricing or product enquiries please contact us.