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Swing® Ripening Cultures

soft-cheese-brie-icon.jpgSWING® cultures are added as an adjunct to affect the ripening, flavour, colour and texture of semi-hard cheeses.

*You will notice all prices display as $0.00. As part of our agreement with Chr. Hansen we cannot display prices thus after you order you will recieve a full order confirmation containing all prices and freight charges via email. For any pricing or product enquiries please contact us.

  • BC
    Choose Options BC
    Produces creamy pigmentation. Composed of B. Casei.
  • BL-1
    Choose Options BL-1
    Produces orange pigmentation and its own flavour. Composed of B. linens.
  • Geo CD-1
    Choose Options Geo CD-1
    Produces a very white finish with mouldy tendency. Composed of Geotrychum candidum.
  • LAF-3
    Choose Options LAF-3
    Yeast. Neutralisation - anti-contamination. Inhibits blue moulds, high salt tolerance and milky flavour.
  • LAF-7
    Choose Options LAF-7
    Yeast. Neutralisation - Booster of B. Linens. Debittering and light fruity flavour.
  • PC TT-033
    Choose Options PC TT-033
    White, stable colour with medium proteolytic. Composed of Penecillium candidum.
  • PCA-1
    Choose Options PCA-1
    Very white, stable colour with medium proteolytic. Composed of Penecillium candidum.
  • PR-1
    Choose Options PR-1
    Bluish green colour with very mild flavour. Composed of Penicillium roqueforti.
  • PR-3
    Choose Options PR-3
    Bright green colour with strong aromatic flavour. Composed of Penicillium roqueforti.
  • PR-4
    Choose Options PR-4
    Bluish/green colour with a medium aromatic flavour. Composed of Penecillium roqueforti.
  • PRG-3
    Choose Options PRG-3
    Very light blue colour with medium aromatics. Composed of Penecillium roqueforti.
  • Salsa-1
    Choose Options Salsa-1
    Used to add texture and aroma. Staphylococcus xylosus.