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Grana Cheese Types

grana3-low.jpgThe special selected strains are able to grow and resist the high scalding temperatures in the cheese vat during the Grana processing. Additionally, the culture blend allows for the formation of the special sweet and nutty flavour as well as for the grainy texture that is typical for the Grana cheese types. These characteristics come from the degradation of the casein, that results in volatile acids, esters and other flavour compounds.

These cultures mainly differ from each other in functionality and flavour intensity.

For the manufacturing of hard Italian cheese varieties such as Parmesan, Romano and Pecorino.

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  • MLC-300
    Choose Options MLC-300
    Thermophilic. Medium acidification. Suitable for Pecorino or similar types of cheese where a white colour & milder flavour are desired.
  • TCC-20
    Choose Options TCC-20
    Blended. Medium acidification.