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Antibiotic Test Kits

testkit-microplate-low.jpgFor many years, antibiotics have been used for the treatment of infectious diseases such as mastitis in cows. Over the last few years there has been an increase in demand for higher productivity from individual cows, often resulting in more infections and subsequently an increased use of antibiotic treatments.

Under normal circumstances, treated cows must be isolated for a certain period before being milked. The normal quarantine period is 4-5 days but this may vary according to the type of antibiotic used and the applied dosage. If this quarantine period is not adhered to, farmers run a high risk of the antibiotic residue passing into the milk. Penalties for positive antibiotic residues are often severe.

Antibiotic residues also pose a major problem to the dairy industry as they can inhibit starter cultures in yoghurt and cheese making. This could result in major losses to the factory concerned.

More importantly, and indeed more severe, are the consequences that affect human health. Residues can cause antibiotic resistance, allergy and hypersensitivity in many human beings.

At ADI we offer a complete range of antibiotic test kits to prevent the negative effects of antibiotic residues and enhance process control in the dairy industry. We also stock a range of incubators to suit these these applications, please contact us for further information.

*You will notice all prices display as $0.00. As part of our agreement with Chr. Hansen we cannot display prices thus after you order you will recieve a full order confirmation containing all prices and freight charges via email. For any pricing or product enquiries please contact us.

  • BetaStar 25
    Choose Options BetaStar 25
    The BetaStar rapid test kit is a reliable method for screening ß-lactam antibiotics in mlik. ß-lactam antibiotics are the most commonly used and are responsible for more than 95% of cases where the milk...
  • BetaStar Combo
    Choose Options BetaStar Combo
    The BetaStar Combo is a rapid detection test for both ß-lactam and tetracycline antibiotics. This is a rapid five minute test.
  • CMT Copan Single Test
    Choose Options CMT Copan Single Test
    The Copan test is a microbial test with a high sensitivity to ß-lactam, tetracyclines and sulphonamides. This test should be performed at the farm level or before the milk is pumped from the silos to the...